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Well, here it is..finally!

A website dedicated to only border collies!

We know what you’re thinking, “there are tons of border collie websites all over the internet.”

Yeah, but not like this one.

Backseat Border Collie is for dogs whose main jobs are loving their owners, who are trained as pets, first and foremost.

Border Collies make amazing herding dogs, and there are plenty of resources for that online. But it’s difficult finding accurate information on training a border collie in an urban environment. 

Or what you need for a road trip with your pup.

Or what it’s like to drive your dog across the border into Mexico.

That’s what BSBC is all about. Celebrating life with our best friends and sharing what we’ve learned and experienced with new ones.

Let's Be Friends!

The heart and soul of this website is the people who we share it with. After all, someone has to look at all the cool pictures!

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